The great epochs of our life are at the points when we gain the courage to rebaptize our badness as the best in us.

“I believe in ghosts, but we create them. We haunt ourselves.”


"i was never quite the same after you"


"i was never quite the same after you"

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A coyote cools off in the drink fridge at a Quiznos in the Chicago Loop, 2007

“It did not growl. It did not make any sounds. It just tried to get in. Apparently it was scared and tried to shelter itself,” said Ray Zavalas, Quiznos employee.

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Erik Karlsson and Mike Green attend a middle school dance keep each other company during a scrum

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► “I’ve been banned from every podium in Chicago.”

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me and you and our dogs all sleeping together on our king sized bed

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Things cut in half. (via)

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“Make it happen. Shock everyone.”

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The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Heartbeat In The Brain


If your arms are just felt then when you hold me I’ll feel held.
We’ll sink in these notes.
It never felt like this.
Tell me we belong here.
If your arms become smoke then I’ll have nothing left to hold.
We’ll dissipate with these notes.
It shouldn’t feel like this if everyone belongs here. 

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"Hello Professor,

I am doing my best to make this email sound adult. I have rewritten it sixteen, wait… seventeen, times. I am requesting assistance.

Thank you,




yo seriously

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